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Nickolas Hight was born into a military family and grew up in Germany and Colorado. He joined the Marine Corps in 1991 and — of all the luck — was stationed in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii for several years. Following some on again/off again schooling and a stint of work in Saudi Arabia, he graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Russian and went right back into the Marine Corps, this time as an officer. He retired in 2015.

In addition to being a Marine, Nickolas has waited tables, tended bar, been a personal trainer, taught swim lessons, driven a food delivery truck, and worked as a wild land firefighter for the National Park Service. He’s traveled all over Europe and the Pacific, done some time in Southwest Asia, and spent some time in Africa, as well.

Near the end of his senior year in high school Nickolas had the gall to write a sci-fi short story. He then inflicted a reading of it on his unsuspecting classmates. Though he enjoys science fiction, his heart has always belonged to the Middle Ages. A trip to Italy in 2010 provided him with the initial idea for his first novel. Six years and a whole lot of pain and suffering later, VENDETTA was published by Echo Press.

During the 2017 Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference, Nickolas was a panelist at a seminar on crafting authentic military characters. He is hard at work on the sequel to VENDETTA, titled END OF DAYS. He and his wife live near Sacramento, California.

Nickolas can be found on Facebook at  and contacted at If you would like a more comprehensive press kit (or to discuss his writing, Medieval history, or lecturing on Medieval topics), please email him.