Until I figure out how to do amazing things as far as website manipulation is concerned, this page is to point you in the direction of some fellow self-employed business folks.

They’re all friends and definitely rate some free advertising…

First up is KC Seymour. He’s an art dealer/appraiser and works primarily out of the Bay Area. Check him out here:

Next, Melissa Smith. We went to high school together and she used to give me extra stuff from her lunch because…Who knows?! She’s an old friend and then went ahead and MARRIED another good friend from high school, Will Richardson. I digress. She works for Rodan & Fields. Check her out at:

Biff Rafferty, a fellow writer. His website isn’t up and running yet, but his work is available on Amazon. Read it with an open mind. And if you’re sorely lacking in a sense of humor, don’t read it. If, on the other hand, you’re a little weird and appreciate sarcasm, bathroom humor, and the skewering of pretension, read everything he’s got. His work can be found here:

SM Rose, another writer, has a pretty nifty sci-fi-ish trilogy in the works about an engineer that goes back in time in an effort to save the Titanic from sinking. His website is:

And ANOTHER writer, KL Cooper, is the author of The Skyrider series. She also does magnificent graphic design work. You can check out her work at: