Monthly Archives: September 2014


…to my blog. Please bear with me as I learn how to use WordPress. I promise neither timely nor insightful posts, but when I get something on here it should be pretty entertaining.

What’s better than traveling to Ireland and Italy? Traveling to Ireland and Italy with your SigO!  In my case, that would be Kat, my wife. It promises to be quite a journey and will be nothing short of miraculous if we don’t end up booby-trapping each other’s meals with Ex Lax. Or maybe that’ll just be me doing that. Actually, between lactose intolerance and attempting to be gluten-free, Ex Lax might not be required…

In any case, the clock is ticking, bags are packed (sort of), family and acquaintances have been warned of our impending arrival, maps have been procured, reconnaissance conducted, billeting arranged, and all of that jazz.

We’ll start in Ireland and enjoy the hospitality of Kat’s cousin.  We’ll have four days to putz around, enjoy the greenery, drink some Smithwick’s and whiskey, listen to plenty of fiddle and tweedly flute music that all sounds the same, and–this is just for me–sharpen my potato and leprechaun jokes.

Hope you all enjoy the ride!