Welcome to the website of author Nickolas Hight. Nickolas writes historical fiction set in 14th century Italy. William Manchester called it, “a world lit only by fire.” Barbara Tuchman was a bit more pithy when she described it as, “calamitous.” It’s hard to argue with either one of those esteemed writers. Suffice to say, it was a rough time to be alive, though the same argument could be used for any century.


img_8139-1Nickolas has done all sorts of things including waiting tables, tending bar, personal training, and service in the US Marines. In 2015, he retired from the Marine Corps and lucked into seasonal wildland firefighting for the National Park Service.



Vendetta Cover 5

VENDETTA takes place in the year 1377 and as its title suggests, it is a tale of revenge. It also is an attempt to bring to life the complicated, tempestuous relationship of Bernabò Visconti and Sir John Hawkwood, two complex and formidable personalities of the era. VENDETTA is the culmination of two trips to Italy and countless hours of research. It took Nickolas about three years to complete it.

Nickolas has more stories to tell, and though they take place more than 700 years ago, he thinks they’re pretty awesome and hopes you will, too.